Compost can be made on open ground by heaping up layers of organic matter and soil amendments in the corner of your yard or garden. Sometimes though, some type of containment is desired to make the pile more attractive or to prevent scattering of the material. That’s where a compost bin is useful.
Now you can spend large sums of time and money on a compost bin. But these directions are how to build a compost bin that’s CHEAP, FAST and EASY.

A compost pile must be at least 3 feet wide, otherwise it dries out. It should be at least 3 feet tall too. And it can be any length.

1. Concrete Blocks.

Concrete blocks aren’t particularly cheap, but they will last a lifetime. And sometimes you can find seconds, if you’re near a block production plant. Also look out for used ones. They are not normally reused after a building is taken down and can be hauled off for free.

Stack the blocks to the shape you choose. They could be laid in place with mortar as a wall. But stacking without mortar is OK. Stack them with the holes vertical on most of the blocks, turning a few with the holes horizontal for ventilation. Build several bins in a row and save materials by having common interior walls.

2. Lehigh-style Bin.

The Lehigh-style bin is easy to erect, disassemble and move. It’s flexible in size and provides for proper ventilation.

Construction is of alternating, stacked 2 x 4’s on each of the four sides of the bin. Cut 3 foot lengths of 2 x 4’s, five for each of the four sides. The 2 x 4’s are stacked with the 4 inch dimension vertical. Holes are drilled in the corner of each piece so a 3/8 inch rod can be in each corner to hold it together. Concrete reinforcing rod will be good. You can leave the ends of the
2 x 4’s as-is. Or you can cut notches in the ends of half the 2 x 4’s so they nest together like a log house.

3. Stacked Poles.

If you have plenty of poles around your place, you can stack them to make 4 walls. Drill holes in the ends of the poles like the Lehigh-style and secure the corners with a 3 foot, or whatever length, section of rod.

4. Leaf Mold Bin.

A 30 inch wide piece of 2 x 4 inch mesh welded wire is formed into a 30 inch diameter circle and the ends are fastened together. You can use wider wire and you can make the diameter larger too. You could line the inside with roll roofing, but it isn’t necessary. Add your organic matter and allow it to settle and continue to add material until settling has slowed. Cover the bin with plastic for protection. Since you won’t be turning the material allow plenty of time for decomposition.

5. Bullington Bin.

The Bullington Bin requires two steel t-posts , 6 foot is OK, plus a length of concrete reinforcing wire. Pound the t-posts in the ground about 4 feet apart. Attach one end of the wire panel to each of the posts and then you have an open-sided bin with easy access and easy to move. A twenty foot length of wire is good. The concrete reinforcing wire is usually five feet wide. A sixteen foot long livestock stockade panel also is ideal for use here. Secure the wire to the posts with wire or plastic wire ties.

There you have it: how to build a compost bin cheap, fast and easy!

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