Did you hear some comments and feedback from your friends regarding your Myspace profile page that is a little boring and dry? Adding music and MP3s is one great way to liven it up. Read on if you are not sure how to go about it for more information.

The first step you will do if you are interested is to login to your profile and click on the link that says Music that is located right between Classifieds and Videos near the top of the page. It will then open to Myspace Music page and gives you the chance to browse or find some of your favorite and cool music. There is a search option here that will let you search by band name, band members, as well as by musical influences or even based on sounds like. You can also do specific searches according to your type of music or just simply look for bands from a specific geographical region or area.

Once you found the music you like just click on that groups page. You will then see a list of songs. You can view the lyrics or listen to the songs and you can also rate the songs. When you have decided what song to add you will need to click the Add button that will be located next to the song you have chosen. There will be a confirmation box that will pop up asking if you really want to add the song to your page. Just click on Add Song to Profile and the song will be added. That will now play as background music on your page.

Aside from adding music directly from Myspace, there are also other options in doing it. A better way is to add an MP3 player from profilepitstop.com – Where you can choose your own MP3 player graphics, add your favorite tunes and create your play list. If you wish to add a song from your hard drive, you can do so but, you need to upload it first to the web. The MP3 file must be on the web for you to use it on your Myspace profile page or else it will only be available to you if its only in your hard drive. You can upload it to your personal website but if you dont have there are some for free like GeoCities or many other sites. Once you have uploaded the MP3 file just take note of the URL or web address of the file.

After choosing your preferred player you can also change its color that will best match your profile page. Next is to create a play list after you have made the color selection.

To create a play list, simply get the web address of the MP3 files that you want to include. Either the one you have uploaded onto your personal webpages or from other pages. Heres an example of the web address: http://www.domainname.com/foldername/songtitle.mp3

After knowing the locations of the song just simply copy the web address (CTRL+C) and paste it into one of the MP3 field provided. Then write the title of the song in the title box and click Add to Playlist.

Most likely you will need to right click on the MP3 files and go to properties to get the URL. Note that the correct and working URL must begin with http: and must end with .mp3. Once you are done clicking on Add to Playlist button just click on Go to Next Step. It will then generate the code and just simply copy the code. Next open your MySpace profile page and click on Edit profile then paste the code that you have copied wherever you want the player to appear on your page.