According to, a little forward thinking goes a long way when it comes to cable management. For example, if you spend a few extra dollars to buy snagless connectors, as it pertains time to pull any wires out of the neat bundle under your desk, you will be able to draw the cable from the pile without ripping off the little plastic tab that holds it in the port when it’s plugged in.

Also, document your system and keep it in an easy to access place. In other words, write down your cable layout, what each color means and how you routed your cables. This way, if you are away from the home or office and a problem arises, it will be much easier to direct someone to fix the problem. It’s simpler to tell you to definitely move the green cable from slot 24 to interface 95 rather than saying “grab one of the black wires on the left sort of near the bottom and put it in that thingy all the way to the right…”

How can I manage my power distribution needs?
Imagine putting both the data and power needs of your equipment in a single unit. The Communications Sphere is an interesting product that provides two ports for voice/data in one half of a sphere and will form a complete sphere when combined with the Power Sphere, used for computer power distribution, or another Marketing communications sphere. It is used on the work surface for easy accessibility.