A kundalini or various other meditative yoga class can include meditation and may include a group mantra, or chanting of sacred words and phrases or sounds. The objective of a yoga mantra is to target your attention during meditation and tune out distractions.

If you want to practice meditation in the home, your mantra could be anything, from a word to a poem, but if you want a place to start, try out this:

Sit down in a comfortable position; it generally does not have to be cross-legged. Try seated against a wall structure for extra support. Place the hands on your own legs with palms facing up and the forefinger and thumb touching. Tuck your chin somewhat towards your chest to release tension in the throat, and slowly begin to chant the phrase, therefore hum,  this means I actually is that,  and is definitely often used in meditative yoga methods. Say therefore  with each inhale and hum  with each exhale. The audio reflects the audio of the breath, so that it is simple to repeat. Try environment a timer for 10 minutes and repeating the mantra for that whole time.