Hen parties are typically celebrated in Europe, and are often observed by bachelorette groups from all over the world, or from neighboring European countries. There are many different places where hen parties exist. One of those places is in the city of London, England. Some of the finest pubs are located in this city, and this location is very rich with culture and history. Hen party participants can enjoy both a day of sightseeing as well as an evening of wild partying. Fine cuisine and wine tasting sometimes take place at a hen party in England, along with the possible inclusion of a typical champagne toast.

Other places where hen parties take place include in the cities of Prague, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Krakow, Madrid, and Limerick. Depending upon which location (or more than one location) that the stag party takes place, a variety of activities can be incorporated into a hen party itinerary. These parties can last one night, two nights, or for an even longer period of time. Sample activities that take place either in the cities mentioned in the previous paragraph or in cities not mentioned include the following: paint balling, dog racing, white water rafting, or Porsche driving. Other activities include Powerboat Safaris, riding a celebration bus (or limo), or sailing. Some women may even like to gamble, and will include casino time on their list of hen party to-do activities.

Of course, one of the other traditions of hen parties is to present one or more sexy male models. This perhaps may be the most tempting moment for the bride-to-be, and the purpose of presenting this male of great physical stature is to both tempt the bride, and provide one last night of obnoxious fun as a single woman. Not all women would prefer having a stripper at their hen parties. However, many do enjoy the tradition, within reason of course. It is often recommended to try to plan a hen party as close to the wedding date as possible. Quite often a hen party will last for one or two day before the date of a weekend, or the weekend before. If this is the case, it is recommended to plan the hen party close to the location of the wedding. However, if the wedding is in a different location then it is recommended to allow travel time between events.

Hen parties can be planned online without even picking up a phone. There are even pre-planned party packages that relieve the bride and/or wedding party from a majority-if not all-of the planning hassle. Party packages can also be tailor-made to the taste of the bride and/or accompanying party attendees. One more bit of advice for those planning or attending a hen party is to plan as far in advance as possible. If a hen party takes place locally there will be no need for party invitees to acquire a passport, of course. However, if the party is outside the home country of one or more invitees it is advised to allow for adequate time for those who want to attend the hen party to obtain a passport for travel. Travel rules may apply, and there is more information that can be found about this online.