Heather Mills, the 39-year old controversial contestant on Dancing with the Stars season four shed tears – tears of joy that is on KIIS FM, a radio program hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

Even though Mills inclusion on Dancing with the Stars has stirred numerous controversies whether about her hazy participation on the celebrity dance show, her quitting the competition or the surfacing of online bets regarding the possibility of her prosthetic leg flying off while performing dance routines, nothing tops the charts like her bitter divorce with former husband Paul McCartney.

Because of this, the radio program mostly dwelled in the various prejudiced opinions people have formed to believe about Mills since her announced separation with McCartney, and how her detractors have now positively changed their perception of Mills. Is this the “healing effect” of Dancing with Stars? Maybe it is…

Since her inclusion on Dancing with the Stars, more and more people are having a different opinion about Mills. Some even claim that they now see Mills for the real person that she really is and not some “gold digger”

almost everyone perceives her to be. As attested by one of her detractor turned supporter, Mills actually ought to have a collective apology from the biased public. There have been so many negative remarks that surfaced the news and made her reputation very unpleasant and for that many of her critics are embarrassed over their being gullible and being easily susceptible to rumors.

Upon learning that people are now having a better insight and understanding about her, Mills wept while simultaneously expressing her delight and relief. The emotional Mills even explained that she has devoted almost all her life doing charity works and is very saddened with some peoples judgment about her being an exploitative woman and a gold digger.