HDTV offers 10 times the picture resolution and 30 percent greater viewing area than standard television. HDTV also delivers Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, which combined with the improved picture quality, gives the viewer the feeling of being enveloped by the television experience. It’s no wonder that HDTV has been described as the television format of the future, and no other television provider does a better job of bringing HDTV to it’s subscribers right now. With 29 channels dedicated exclusively to the HDTV format, Dish Network offers more high definition content than any other provider. Dish Network Offers four different high definition television packages ranging from Bronze up to Platinum. The Bronze package has 80 channels offering standard definition programming and 25 exclusive high definition channels including Family Room HD, HDNet, TNT HD, Treasure HD, and others. The Silver package has all of the same HD channels as the Bronze package, but increases the offering of standard definition channels to 200. The Gold level package includes 26 HDTV channels and 240 standard definition channels. The Platinum package adds HBO HD, Showtime HD, and Starz HD to bring the number of high definition channels up to 29.

Movies made for the big screen are an obvious choice for high definition programming. They’re already in wide screen format, in order to maintain a decent resolution when projected on the big screen they need a lot of pixels, and they’re recorded with a high quality sound format that can be played clearly on theater speakers. In other words, big screen movies have everything required to be easily converted into high definition television programs. Dish Network has realized this and provides a number of channels that show older movies as their primary program content.

Several of Dish Network’s movie channels follow different genres. Monsters HD delivers horror, Sci-Fi, and thrillers. Alien, Godzilla, Frankenstein, and Nightmare on Elmstreet all come alive again on the screen. Majestic HD delivers remastered classics in all of their original glory. Kung Fu delivers fast martial arts action as it was meant to be viewed. Guy TV HD isn’t exactly a genre channel, but it delivers movies of genres of special appreciation to men including war movies and westerns.

The Platinum program package delivers more recent movies in high definition format through HBO HD, Showtime HD, and Starz HD.

Sport is also a great application for HDTV technology. After all, what could be better for the hard core sports fan than being able to see 30 percent more of the action and being enveloped by the sounds of the game? Dish Network brings sports into the home theater through channels like ESPN HD, Rush HD, the NFL Network HD, and WorldSport HD. Even more sports are available as part of the normal programming of CBS HDTV and HDNet.

Of course, there’s a lot more to life than sports and movies so Dish Network’s HDTV packages offer other channels that will provide viewers with the best possible TV experience in the form of concerts, cartoons, coverage of the fashion and fine arts worlds, round the clock news, educational programming, and high definition versions of the network programming we’ve come to love.

These HDTV packages are just another example of Dish Network’s commitment to bringing the future of television to it’s viewers now.

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