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When first entering the free streaming video chat world you have to take a few pre-established steps. First of all, you will have to register yourself on a website which provides chatting services. You will have to select a username and password and provide an existent e-mail address. Depending on the service provider, you may have to fill in more information about yourself, such as name or address. Your username will be your identity in the video chat world so you should choose something that represents you. You can choose an ID which says something significant about you ore you can choose to have a more mysterious ID and let people discover the real you in time. Some usernames reveal a persons age or a hobby. Others reveal an occupation or interest. Your ID should give just a hint of who you really are and make others interested in getting to know you better.

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The vast majority of people engage in free streaming video chat because they want to make new friends over the internet. Although in most cases everyone is well-intentioned, you should keep in mind a few tips for safe chatting. First of all, protect your personal information. It is highly recommended that you avoid giving out information that could allow a stranger to locate you. Its best that you avoid giving out information such as your last name, home address or workplace to a complete stranger. Caution is also recommended when sharing photos with new acquaintances. Keep in mind that a photo you upload can be shared anywhere on the internet. It is recommended that the photos you share are not sexually suggestive and you feel comfortable with strangers looking at them. If you are planning to meet with one of your new friends you should first try and get to know them well. Its usually best that the first encounter take place in a public venue.

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