Have you noticed the listings that are placed on a better position in a search engine result page? These listings are on a more visible position because they are paid listings. Many search engines today – especially the major search engines – accept paid listing.

Paid listings have captured the interest of many webmasters and web marketing experts due to its many benefits. Here are some of the most relevant benefits of a paid listing:

* Paid listing allows your website and ads to appear instantly on the search engine result pages or SERPs.

* Paid listing places your website on a more visible area on the search results.

* Paid listing lets you choose the keywords, keyword phrases and search terms to associate with your website or ads.

* Paid listing lets you control the amount you pay for the appearance of your website and ads.

One of the major search engines that accept paid listing is Google. Its paid listing program is known as Google AdWords. Aside from Google, other popular search engines like Yahoo and MSN also encourages webmasters and web advertisers to try their paid listings programs.

Google AdWords

Google places its paid listings on a highly visible area of its search result pages or SERPs. It can either be located above the free listings or on the right hand side. Either position makes your ads more visible to the online searchers.

Google calls its paid listing program as Google AdWords. This advertising program is commonly known as AdWords alone among webmasters, web marketing specialists and online advertisers. Why will webmasters and web marketing advertisers use Google AdWords. One reason is immediate visibility and appearance of the ads and the website on Google search result pages.

Googles free listing may take some time before your website will actually appear live. As a solution to this, Google allows webmasters and web promoters to have the opportunity to be listed the fast way. However, this instant website visibility cost an amount – thus, it is called a paid listing.

Google AdWords Charges

How much does Google charge its AdWords users? Is it a large amount? Actually it is not. Google charges its AdWords advertisers an activation fee of $5. And the rest of the charges all depend on the advertisers.

Google allows webmasters and AdWords users to determine the amount they want to pay for their ads. This is done through bidding. You bid for the keywords you want to associate with your ads. Basically, in terms of charging, Google gives you the flexibility of choice. Just a reminder, do not bid for an amount that you cant maintain. Remember that you will be paying for that amount in every click that your paid listing receives.

Other than Google AdWords, there are still more paid listing opportunities online. There is Yahoos Overture and MSN Paid Listing Program. The choice depends on you. These are all good site visibility opportunities.