Being the top television provider to hundreds of millions of possible customers has created some very intense competition. Cable TV providers and Satellite TV providers are battling it out, trying to lure existing customers to the other side as well as get new subscribers. However, Satellite providers, like DirecTV, seem to be winning more and more for two reasons. One reason being that they have more technological capabilities than Cable. The other reason is the deals and offers for new subscribers seem to be hard to pass up.

Everyone Offers Local Channels And High-Speed Internet Now

In the past, Cable TV was the only provider to offer local channels to its customers. Now, DirecTV is doing the same. Not only that, but they are offering local channels in High Definition wherever it is available. Cable providers used to be the only one offering high-speed Internet access, but that is no longer the case. DirecTV has teamed with HughesNet (formerly Direcway) to provide its customers with high-speed Satellite Internet access. This especially good news for those in rural areas where Cable service is not available and dialup service is the only option.

Extreme Weather Knocks You Down, But Not Out

One of the great advantages Satelite TV has over Cable is that it does not rely on cables on the ground to provide a signal for its customers. The signal, of course, comes from satelites in the sky. This is a big advantage for areas frequented by extreme weather. When these storms hit, they often take down power and communication for several hours or days. It also takes down the signal of Cable TV providers because it is ground-based and relies on the main power grid. Remember, DirecTV relies only on the sky for its signal, so you can connect a generator to your receiver and TV and get power to receive its signal. Being able to gain access to the weather and safety information this way can be critical.

In Touch With the World While On Vacation

A growing trend among Direct TV subscribers is to attach their dishes to RVs and boats. It allows people to keep up with their favorite shows, sports programs, and also important weather information to plan the vacation around. Of course, Cable providers will never be able to do this. That cable running into a house will only stretch so far!

Luring New Customers With Enticing Deals

Direct TV knows that any smart consumer cannot pass up great offers. Thats why they are making the best offers possible to pull new customers. For instance, new subscribers dont have to buy any Satelite equipment, and the equipment in installed by a certified technician for free. You can also receive free installation of a 4-Room System for joining. With this, there wont be any more fights for the remote control because everyone will get to watch the show they want in their own room. New customers to Direct TV also get a free receiver upgrade. You get to choose between a DVR and HD receiver. DVR means Digital Video Recorder, and it comes with state-of-the-art technology. DVRs digitally record and store 100 hours of programming, record two shows at once, and also pause and rewind live television. The HD, or High Definition, receiver allows anyone with a High Definition television to finally realize what crystal-clear picture really means. Plus, there are more High Definition channels being added all the time.

16 Million Customers and Counting

Direct TV recently passed the 16 million mark in its number of customers. It has repeatedly beat out every Cable provider when it comes to Customer Service ratings. With stats like this it is no wonder why Satelite TV has Cable providers worried the war may be over soon.