In the Forex market, it is normal for traders to make use of currency options to reduce their trading risk in investing stock and forex. Moreover, a currency option is basically a contract which gives the right to the holder of the contract option, however not the contract, to sell or buy a specific currency in an arranged timeframe. Currency options are broadly used outside of the markets. Also, companies trading goods abroad mainly prefer the currency options. Currency options are bought as either put options or call options. A put option allows the purchaser the right to sell a specified currency while a call option gives the buyer the right to buy a specific currency.

The value that is realized by the option holder is equal to the option’s value at its expiration date. For example, the option is worth nothing if the purchaser does not gain anything. At any other time especially during the contract’s timeframe, the option’s value at this time is known as the “intrinsic” value. This intrinsic value can be realized if the option’s purchaser makes a decision to exercise his option.

The value of an option is connected to a term called the “strike price” which refers to the specified current price in the option contract. Moreover, a call option which means the right to purchase an option will have an intrinsic value if the present price is above the strike price. However, a put option which means the right to sell an option will have its intrinsic value if the current price is below the level of strike price.

The option’s pricing is a complex business as it takes into account many factors including both time value and spot value. The final is calculated from a probability of future market situations and factors of interest rates differences in the volatility of the market and the currencies in question. The most important point is that options must be at the low price to draw option buyers’ attention and also at high price too to draw.

Currency options are used in the Forex market to counter balance the risks of unpredicted movements in the market as well as efficiently limit losses to the value of purchasing the option. Of course, the seller takes a higher risk even though he has a premium on the sale. The seller also has a risk of unlimited risk (virtually) if the Forex market moves against him.

Forex traders attract a specific form of contract option that is known as “digital option”. Digital option pays a particular amount of money at expiration time if certain requirements are met. The options are worth nothing if these requirements are not met. It is simple for the Forex trader in deciding which direction the Forex market is expected to move.