If a person does not die unexpectedly, there will usually be some signs before he dies. Let’s talk about some of the precursors before death. Those who have these signs indicate that life is coming soon. Family members need to pay special attention to them. Some phenomena cannot be explained scientifically, but the accuracy is very high.

First, loss of appetite

As long as they are not accidentally dead, whether they die of old age or disease, there is a clear loss of appetite before they die. The most obvious sign of the week before dying is that you can’t eat anything. Especially for those seriously ill patients, if they can’t eat anything, it means they are already very sick.

Second, incontinence

In the last period of human life, the vitality of life is constantly disappearing, and some organs of the human body begin to lose control. Some old people will dry their mouths before they die, visceral control will gradually disappear, and urine will begin to be out of control. Drinking water, the food you eat will soon be pulled out uncontrollably.

Third, anxiety

Everyone can’t be fearless in the face of death. Whether it is human or other creatures, there is a natural fear of death. Knowing your physical condition and thinking that your life will soon end, many people will panic. Some time before the death, many people are very anxious, constantly touching the wall or scratching in the air, only holding his hand will make him quiet.

Fourth, ear atrophy

Many people will shrink their ears before they die, the entire ear will shrink and become dull, and the earlobe will begin to shrink backwards. These vary from person to person, as certain diseases can also cause the ears to shrink. Therefore, this situation can only be used as a reference. Judging whether the elderly will die soon and combine various other symptoms.

Five, return light back

Before the death of an elderly person or a long-term sick person, the most obvious sign is the return of light. In the past, the body was already weak, the spirit was very bad, and suddenly it became radiant. It was probably a return to light. The family thought that the patient or the elderly had improved, but they soon died. Some experienced people, when they see this situation, immediately know that the old man is returning to the light.