The first, and perhaps the most important of THE FOUR AGREEMENTS are: BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD

One of the key messages Ive received and want to transfer to you is about BEING your word… Who do you say I AM? Jesus once asked his disciples, “Who do you say I AM”. Whoever you say you are is who you create yourself to be!

God answered the question by saying — I AM THAT I AM when the burning bush spoke to Moses – and each of us is defined by who we say we are.

It is vital that we ask continually – who am I being right now? Who do I have to be to achieve what I want to achieve or demonstrate more – whatever it is I desire? Our word is really synonymous with our self-definition.

And, being impeccable with your word means you are very careful about what you say after you say the words I AM in particular…. We define our lives by the way we see ourselves and we actually SPEAK our lives into being by our self-definition.

One of the most powerful uses of our word is in what we call Treatment or AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER. Those who have been in class with me over the years have learned a lot about how I required IMPECCABILITY with the very wording of that prayer first, in being absolutely clear on your INTENTION and your purpose – we get what we EXPECT not necessarily what we desire or ask for. We are godlings – so what we speak is creative – So, we want to be sure we Say only what we mean.

Be certain our words are words of Gratitude – for what we complain about or what we give praise for – is what we get more of…. Whatever we focus on, increases. Emmet Fox teaches the Golden Key- turning from whatever may appear to be the problem or the challenge and focusing on TRUTH and GOD instead. (Much more on that in the future, I promise!)

Come to know that there is a POWER for Good in the Universe and YOU can use it! Really come to KNOW that you KNOW and that when you speak your word, the Whole Universe supports you…

The most important Question youll ever answer – is the Universe a Friendly place? Your answer to that will determine your lifes experiences…

Trust that you are ALWAYS supported…

God is GOOD – All the time..