The car speaker system was becoming a crucial part of my life. I listened to music that was more high fidelity than I used to, and I thought I should have a more high fidelity sound. Especially because of the amount of time I spend in the car, having a good car audio systems seemed like an excellent investment. It turns out that selecting car speaker systems is a little bit harder than it sounds. The problem is that there is no good way to evaluate the different car speaker systems. You can read Consumer Reports and look at their opinions, but musical tastes are different in different people.

With home audio systems, you can go to the store and listen to them. You can tell right there basically what they are going to sound like. With car speaker systems, however, you can do no such thing. The shape of the car will affect the sound so much that you will never know until you get it installed. You have to be willing to take a risk, or you have to know exactly what you want already.

In the end, I went for months and months without getting a new car speaker stereo system installed. The current speaker system that I had was pretty good and I was not suffering for it, but as soon as I started thinking about the new sound system, it started to sound terrible to my ears. I knew that I had to invest in new car speaker systems pretty soon, or I would not be able to listen to music in my automobile.

The answer came to me quite by chance. I was meeting an old friend for lunch and my car broke down. He gave me a ride in his car, and I had a chance to listen to his car speaker systems. Instead of being upset about being stranded, I was delighted by what I heard. When I get my car fixed in the shop, I had the same car stereo speakers installed.