Designer dog beds are a great idea for your pet; there are many options available, from size and price to quality and style. Finding them is simply a matter of doing your research and finding the specialists in this particular field; online designer companies offer a wide range of options for those looking for designer dog beds.

The following are some tips, ideas and questions to ask to ensure you get the best deal on your designer dog bed. These range from ideas about size and quality to the right kind of research, to prices and other considerations.

A major question to ask when looking for designer dog beds and other pet furniture is whether the material is high-grade, durable and washable. This is essential, as the furniture can be as stylish as you want, but your dog may be uncomfortable and you may have to do a lot of extra work. So keep your pets comfort in mind and save yourself time by ensuring the material you opt for has all the aforementioned qualities.

Keep in mind, too, that though a dog bed is designer quality, this doesn’t necessarily mean sky-high prices. Sure, they’ll be a bit more, as you’re paying for quality, but investing in the long term durability of a strong, solid designer dog bed is a much better plan of action than investing in a cheap, short lived dog bed that you will end up buying again. It’s similar to buying anything yourself: if you spend a little more, you will get better quality and thus a longer lasting product.

Another thing to take into consideration is how your pet sleeps. This is essential, as some dogs sleep curled in a ball, and others sprawl out completely; still others do both. Thus, get a designer dog bed thats big enough for your pet to sprawl out if they need to, no matter they’re size or sleeping habits.

When you do find a designer dog bed, ensure it has the following qualities: that the bed can be washed in entirety, that there is an easy mechanism for cover removal (e.g. the easy Velcro system employed by Mammoth), that the covers on both the inner and outer parts of the bed are removable, that it is soil resistant and that it has a well-made fiber fill, preferably memory, that maintains its shape.

Ultimately, finding the right designer dog bed is essential to creating a good sleeping environment for your dog and ensuring you have to do as little work as possible on the care-end. By keeping the tips in mind above and doing the right research, you’ll find the designer dog bed you want quickly and efficiently.