It has been well established that the weight loss diet drug Fen-Phen has been proven to cause serious heart complications in people who regularly used them. It has also been well established that it is not unusual to develop symptoms years after ingesting Fen-Phen, and that while the information has been readily available to Fen-Phen users for years, people are only now still developing heart related complications in junction with Fen Phen use.

During the Fen-Phen class action lawsuit phenomenon, many people felt as though they had missed the boat when their symptoms arose many years later. The truth is that certain types of Fen Phen lawsuits are still active today. Fen-Phen class action lawsuits brought the media’s attention to the Fen-Phen crisis. The public initiated educating itself about the effects presented by Fen-Phen use. Fen-Phen awareness hit an all time high, but it is inaccurate to believe that the Fen-Phen awareness has dissolved.

Fen-Phen was target marketed at the obese population as an effective weight loss product. Obesity is hard on the heart, and may cause heart disease and heart related complications. For many, the introduction of Fen-Phen into the system was a death sentence.

Finding a competent Fen-Phen lawyer isn’t really all that complicated. You are interested in looking for Fen-Phen lawyer who by now has gained some experience as well as a compassionate understanding to the destructive nature of Fen-Phen. A competent Fen Phen attorney can advise you to such limitations in filing your Fen-Phen lawsuit such as statute of limitations and award limits.

Asking numerous questions is a good way to figure out if your Fen-Phen lawyer is right for you. You understand the debilitating nature of your Fen-Phen related illness and you need someone who will fight aggressively on your behalf. A Phen lawyer that has had at least some experience with a Fen-Phen class action suit can be of valuable service to resolving your financial issues.

It is not uncommon for a Fen-Phen lawyer to ask you a vast amount of personal questions. Remember that if you end up going to court with your Fen-Phen lawsuit, the opposing attorney will try to present you as the problem. Your Fen-Phen lawyer will need to know everything about you to know how to best represent you. Answer their questions honestly. Just because you may have made a few mistakes in your life doesn’t mean your Fen-Phen related illness isn’t real and doesn’t deserve compensation.