This is one of those topics thats easier said than done. Is a trend here to stay or is it just a fad. I’ve seen some of the most ‘important’ breakthroughs concerning Internet marketing turn out to be nothing more than passing fads in the wind.

Link farms, free-for-all link pages, and the list goes on. Some of this is very easy. A new technology that prevents (ha-ha) Mp3’s from being file shared would be far more important than a new eight track with 100 megs of recording space.

My advice is to try to find the pulse or the mentality of a segment or industry. Take a look at the types of movies being made that are box office hits. Are they related to love, comedy, sci-fi etc.?

It probably became a little easier to get publishers interested in a sci-fi book after ‘The Matrix’ became a smashing success. Its all in the timing. Follow the same research strategy in the music field, what’s selling the most. What types of books are topping the New York Times Best Seller List.

If you’re researching online related technologies, a good place to look is on They list the most downloaded software in each category, a great indication of what’s hot and growing.

Now, your next task is to relate that trend to your product or service. Or use that info to help guide you in creating a new product or service. Remember that list you created in the first lesson, where you broke your product down into steps and then you identified your features and benefits. Use those features and benefits and associate them to your trend research.

Ex: When the last movie in ‘The Matrix’ trilogy was released I created a news release with the subject of breaking free from the ‘Financial Matrix’. I received a good response from online newsletters and some minor blurbs in small papers. I should have followed up with a national campaign, but I didn’t have the time nor resources at the time.

Looking back, when the second installment was released, I should have prepared for the third and final movie. I could have created an ebook and a website along with a national press release campaign.

There are a few ‘secret’ sites online that lets you see what people are searching for online. This information is good for not only determining trends, but keywords to use when optimizing your website. Look for not only what is hot now, but what has been continually hot in the past also. One good example is ‘DragonBall Z’. This has been a hot trend for at least since ’99 or ’00 (the cartoon has been on longer).

Sites to conduct trend research (I have no affiliations):