BuddyTV catches another hatchet and she comes in the form of Sarah Vonderhaar, the 6th contestant to be axed on Americas Next Top Models cycle 8. In an exclusive interview, she talked about her Top model journey, as well as her plans after her stint on the popular reality show.

Initially, Vonderhaar opted to audition for Americas Next Top Model cycle 7 but made it to cycle 8. This 20-year old girl is actually not new to the modeling world, modeling since the age of 17. Despite her modeling experience with Elite Model Management in Chicago, Vonderhaar was still eliminated from Americas Next Top Model. While some of the judges deem her poses as unnatural, she maintains that it was just an upshot of her being used to modeling in high fashion, nevertheless she still agrees with the judges since they just wanted her to deviate from what she is used to doing.

She declares that she had a very fun time during her stay in the house with the other contestants, despite all the drama and the tension and notwithstanding the subjective editing, appearing quite pompous as she took credit for the work of other people. Although she already apologized for not acknowledging the work of the other girls, she maintains that she is not pretentious in real life.

As for the rest of the contestants, she believes that Brittany, Jael and Jaslene would end up on the top three, since they seem to be the strongest when it comes to striking poses and establishing distinct model presence.

This native of Lake Zurich, Illinois appears to be very optimistic since she plans to continue her modeling career while she simultaneously pursues photography. In fact, she enjoys doing both so much that its hard for her to just single out one career direction. Furthermore, she has been busy with music recording, which is also one of her interests.