Actor James Morrison chats with BuddyTV as he explores his character on 24, his successful acting path and other endeavors, which keeps him preoccupied.

Morrison, a 52-year old native of Bountiful, Utah, is a talented filmmaker, poet, playwright and actor. He started his career in the entertainment industry as a clown for an animal circus, which he is greatly unashamed of.

Growing up, he aspired to become an actor. He eventually landed an apprenticeship with the Alaska Repertory Theatre and appeared on television shows like Frasier, The X-Files, JAG, The West Wing and Six Feet Under.

On 24, he plays the Director of the Counter Terrorist Unit, Bill Buchanan.

He started out as a guest star on the series mid-way through the fourth season of 2005 and eventually became part of the main cast in the fifth season in 2006.

His inclusion to 24 actually came as a surprise as he did not really anticipate that he would win the part, nor is he familiar with the action thriller series back then. And although he is immensely grateful he landed the part, he admits that being an actor has made him deal with difficult choices in life, especially when it comes to his family.

Nevertheless, he is overly pleased that he is part of 24. In fact, he wants to linger on the show for as long as he can. His inclusion on the series gives him the opportunity to play a character that is prudent in making decisions as a boss. Even though his character has a straight and uptight persona, he asserts that his character gives him enough challenge for him to further hone his performance. On the other hand, he doesnt mind if he gets involved in a little action every now and then like Kiefer Sutherlands character, Jack Bauer.

At present, he is working on a documentary film with his wife, Riad Gajayani, entitled Showing Up.