This is the story of a hideously deformed Phantom, lurking in the misty catacombs beneath the Opera House. Hence the title – Phantom of the Opera. The Phantom, who has been terrorizing people, falls in love with Christie – the young soprano. With all the skills at his command, he nurtures her talents, and teaches her to sing. The Phantom declares his love for her. Christie, who is in love with her childhood friend – Raoul – rebuffs the Phantoms advances. The Phantom seeks revenge, and in the climax, offers Christie a choice: either she stays with him, or he kills Raoul.

The Phantom of the Opera needs no introduction. It has performed in more than a hundred cities in over 22 countries. It has been seen by over a 100 million people, and has grossed over US $ 3.3 billion! In Broadway alone, more than 11 million people have attended its performances, and it has grossed over $600 million. The Phantom of the Opera is the most financially successful show in the history of Broadway.

On January 9, 2006, Phantom of the Opera surpassed Cats to become the longest running show in the history of Broadway with its 7,486th performance. The Phantom of the Opera is based on Gaston Lerouxs novel by the same name. Its music has been composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This Hal Prince directed and Gillian Lynne choreographed show has had 7,893 performances as of December 31, 2006.

Phantom of the Opera previewed at the Majestic Theater on January 9, 1988, and opened on January 26, 1988. It won seven out of the eleven nominations for Tony Awards for:

Best Musical Best Leading Actor in a Musical – Michael Crawford Best Featured Actress in a Musical – Judy Kaye Best Director – Hal Prince Best Sets – Maria Bjornson Best Costumes – Maria Bjornson Best Lighting – Andrew Bridge

The Phantom of the Opera also won the 1988 Drama Desk Awards in seven categories.

The Tickets

This is one show people come back again and again to watch, and every time they are enchanted by it. The show has been on the stage of Broadway for over 18 years, and the Phantom of the Opera show tickets are always difficult to procure. The longest running show on Broadway, the highest grosser on Broadway, the most financially successful show on Broadway, etc, etc, can add another adjective to it – the Phantom of the Opera show tickets always at a premium and not easy to lay your hands on!

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