The ongoing and upcoming love triangles on the series LOST is indeed bizarre. Although it seems like Kate, played by actress Evangeline Lilly, have already made up her mind, her decision maybe just be temporary.

Previous seasons of LOST have often showcased the affection of Kate towards her love interests in a light-fashioned manner, not to mention the love rivals’ extreme loathing towards each other, often leaving viewers with a cliffhanger. As the plot thickens, the intensity of emotions congeals into a love triangle. As for this season’s wrestle, there appears to be a bit of clarity.

Lilly, certainly one of the eye candies of the show is currently satisfying the many “Kate-Sawyer” fans with her ongoing on-screen flaming hot romance with the bad boy (played by Josh Holloway). But according to the beautiful actress, her controversial choice is not yet final. Considering the many twist and turns of the characters and the story lines of LOST, she may soon be under a sticky romantic dilemma, an intriguing facet of the show, which definitely gets the viewers hooked.

And while Kate is busy with her tandem with the bad hunk, other fans are still rooting for her hook-up with the good doctor, Jack, played by actor Matthew Fox. The hints of Lilly regarding the indefinite status of her character’s current romance is definitely good news for the avid “good guy” supporters.

It’s always been the good guy versus the bad guy for LOST’s most prevailing and controversial love triangle. But while all these love fiasco seems so fascinating, another love triangle will be stirring up in the upcoming episodes. Jack may have just found himself a new love interest, personified by the pretty Juliet, played by Elizabeth Mitchell.

So, who’s the lucky guy that will finally capture Kate’s heart? Viewers will just have to stay glued for the rest of the season to grab hold of the prevailing love quandary.