It is a well known fact a few decades back computers used to have serious problems with monitors. When static images were left on them, monitors could easily burn them in permanently. To fight this problem, people came up with software programs that were set to change the images displayed on computer screensaver after a certain period of time, thus preventing monitors from burning. These programs were the first screensavers.

Today monitors are a lot more advanced, and displaying static images for many hours is no longer a problem. However, screensavers did not disappear; instead, they have developed and now have many new functions.

Today you may use 3d screensavers to show your individuality and spirit, you may make your desktop unique and thus different from million of other desktops! Blooming gardens and birds’ songs, gentle murmur of a brook and leaves rustling, fascinating and unforgettable space travels and many more pictures from you dreams will color your every day at home or at the office. Screensavers will always improve your mood and raise your spirit, adding something interesting to your daily life.

If you are fond of taking pictures or have collected a great stock of nice images you can make a slideshow of them and place it as a screensaver on your desktop. You can find lots of programs and utilities in the Internet which will help you to create your own screensavers. There are also huge amounts of the websites which will give you a wide variety of screensavers for your desktop.

At present 3D animated screensavers present the greatest interest. They are multifarious and spectacular and sometimes people watch them as a short movie. Such screensavers will accompany you during the holidays or take you away from boring daily routines, to the dream islands and tropical paradises, or to the nice house with a roaring fireplace and cat watching it from the armchair. Just have a look at the 3D screensaver and you will see there almost a real world, with awesome nature or mysterious and breathtaking Universe, with soothing sea and warm sand or any other place where you would like to be at this moment!

When you find a screensaver of your dream and download it, you install it and change it to your taste by choosing different scenes, views, tunes, etc. It is should be mentioned though that not all of the screensavers have various settings and can be customized. As a rule, most slideshow screensavers or free screensavers have limited functionality. Still, even among those you are likely to find attractive and colorful sceneries.

Brighten up your desktop with a screensaver and get a world of your dreams!

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