In any waiting room, the children are going to be at the very least cranky and at the worst, nervous and scared on top of possibly feeling ill. It is extremely important in any waiting room situation to provide children with some sort of distraction or entertainment, but in a hospital or clinic situation, it is absolutely vital. The child’s guardian will be busy dealing with paperwork and will have little ability to entertain a restless child. Waiting room toys can be a great way to make sure the parents can do what they need to do.

One place to start is an activity table. Activity tables come in a variety of educational models, so the child can learn as well as play. The size of the activity table will make it difficult for a child to walk off with it and it will also reduce mess for staff when the time comes for cleanup. This is also a device that encourages quiet play, rather than toy drums or keyboards. Activity tables are designed for toddlers and preschoolers and with their bright colors and educational aspect, they will be ideal for a waiting room. Activity tables also have the advantage of being entirely enclosed, making clean-up a breeze.

Wooden activity cubes are another good choice for any waiting area. These self-contained activity centers are excellent for grabbing a child’s attention. A multitude of activities can be combined into one unit, lending a great deal of versatility to a small amount of space. In addition, many wooden activity cubes can be surrounded with small chairs, allowing several children to play with it at once. This maximizes your space and gives the children a chance to play with each other.

In pediatric waiting rooms, especially, it is very important to set the right tone. Pediatric clinic toys should encourage a restful attitude in a child, encouraging them to relax and be trusting. Educational toys are ideal, pleasing both parent and child, and can even give the doctor and the child something to talk about during the session. It is very important that children who are in a medical situation trust and respect the person who is
examining them, and one way to do that is set them at ease from the very moment they walk in the door. If the child associates the office with fun toys and bright colors, he or she might be less nervous the next time a visit has to occur, making the situation easier on everyone.

Waiting area activities toys can also set the mood. While quiet is probably ideal, there is a huge difference between a quiet sullen waiting room and a bright enthusiastic one. One way to affect the mood of your waiting room is through the toys you keep there. If you can make them fun and entertaining, your customers will be grateful and so will their children.