Hawaii has a reputation of being exotic and expensive, however there are places to eat that not only taste great but won’t break your budget as well. Many tourists frequently get trapped at certain touristy style restaurants that cost a lot of money, however if you are visiting our beautiful island of Kauai then you should check out some of the following local restaurants that are amazingly inexpensive at least when you consider the other prices on the island and serve up some amazing meals.

North Kauai
If you are vacationing in the north, or have rented a condo in the north of Kauai and will be back there in time for dinner, then you should consider Bamboo Bamboo. It is in Hanalei and the platters are priced low to mid range. The setting is outside with a garden view or inside if you prefer. Also, since most meals cost between $10 and $20 you won’t spend a fortune on a great dinner.

Another great North Kauai restaurant is the Tropical Taco. This restaurant is also low priced and mixes Mexican flavors with natural tropical feelings from the islands. The Tropical Taco is the most popular Mexican restaurant on Kauai.

The Wake Up Café is perhaps one of the best places to eat breakfast in the North of Kauai. The restaurant is cheap and the food is yummy, so if you are a breakfast eater and visiting or living in or around Hanalei then you should check out the Wake Up Café.

Coconuts is a great restaurant in the Eastern part of Kauai that is mid priced and the food is great. So, if you are staying in the East of Kauai on your vacation or if you live in the area then Coconuts will surely be a favorite and affordable place to eat.

Garden Island BBQ is yet another great place to eat in the East of Kauai. Local Chinese food served at a very low price combined with an amazing friendly staff will make Garden Island BBQ a favorite of yours as well.

Another amazingly affordable place to eat that always surprises people is the Hamura Saimin Stand. The food is amazingly inexpensive and astoundingly flavorful. The saimin is said to be some of the best on the island, so if you are in Lihue, Kauai then make sure you stop by the Hamura Saimin Stand to enjoy an inexpensive and tasty lunch.

The West of Kauai has a favorite place to buy shave ice and it has been dubbed the world’s best place to buy this cool treat. Jo Jo’s Shave Ice will serve up a cold shave ice to cool you down on a hot Hawaii day so you should definitely give it a try.

There really are lots of great restaurants to eat at on Kauai , you just have to know your budget and taste buds. However, keep in mind some of the best tasting restaurants are the cheapest.

About the Author

Bill McKenzie is the reservations manager for Hawaiian Vacation Rentals, LLC, representing Wailua Bay View, vacation rentals in Kauai. Bill has personally tasted the menu at the abovementioned eateries.