Are tab top drapes simple to make and install?

If you want to sew, or even though you don’t, tabs top drapes can be fairly easy to make yourself. Being that they are done in panels, they usually require less fabric and they don’t include any complicated steps like pleating or gathering. Measure the width of your windows from the exterior of the frames. Increase that amount by one and a half to 2 times to give you enough extra fabric so they can hang nicely. You do not want these to be too bunched up or even to looks as if these are being pulled tightly over the window. Finally, gauge the length of the windows adding extra to allow for a hem. When dangling the curtains, choose a drapery fishing rod that is decorative and will organize well with the style in the area. The tabs top will not cover the rod completely so that it is essential that you pick out something that will look good when it’s exposed.