In American and Canadian cities, the term downtown refers to the heart of a city, which is usually the city’s central business district. A downtown is a significant area which can be considered as the original town which is indeed true if considered the example of a city like New York. As the town of New York grew into a city, the only direction it could grow on the island was toward the north, increasingly upriver from the original settlement. Thus, anything north of the original town became known as “uptown,” while the original town (which was also New York’s only major center of business at the time) became known as “downtown.”

Since then the downtown reflects the area of importance and we can certainly find many such examples which lead us to the above mentioned theory. A downtown is a citys central business district and automatically is an area of great importance in any city. It is hence but natural that the downtown region sees many commercial and cultural activities and also the flood of visitors. Therefore you will find a plenty of hotels, motels and Inns in downtown region.

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You can find the hotels in the downtown districts to suit every budget and pocket. Due to the factor that lot many visitors want to stay in the downtown region it is necessary to make prior reservations to avoid last minute hassles. The downtown hotels offer a variety of services which are according to your budget. The luxury hotels provide finest services including many facilities like air conditioned rooms, swimming pools, health clubs and spas, airport pickup and drop facilities etc. Whereas the Inns and motels are the best places to head to for the ones who are visiting on a tight budget. A great benefit of staying in the downtown hotels is te variety of food offered by the restaurants. You can have all the delicacies around the globe which will satisfy your taste buds. Another advantage of staying in the downtown hotel is the access to the cities major recreational and business centers which are always clustered around the downtown. It is very convenient to plan your holidays staying in a downtown hotel.

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