Because there is a rapidly increasing number of dog lovers in the world, the need for dog medical insurance continues to rise.

Caring for pets can be expensive even if they dont have any medical conditions or are just getting old. Just the basics such as a yearly exam, vaccinations and preventative flea and heartworm medication can cost a few hundred dollars a year.

With this in mind, many dog owners are opting for dog health insurance. No matter how expensive your pets health needs are, there is a health insurance plan that can at least help to cover a portion of the costs. But, not every pet insurance policy is right for your pet. If you are among the many dog owners who has decided pet insurance is right for you, you will definitely want to spend some time researching what type is right for you and your pet before actually purchasing a policy.


Just as human health care providers are only able to accept insurance from certain companies, the same holds true for veterinarians and insurance companies. As well, many pet insurance companies will only allow their policyholders to go to certain veterinarians. With this in mind, it is important to consider whether your veterinarian will allow your insurance to be used and whether your insurance will cover visits to that particular vet clinic. It would be a shame to find a wonderful vet that you and your dog get along with, only to find out you have to switch because of the coverage plan you purchased.

If you already have a veterinarian in mind, or are already working with one, simply call their office and ask the office manager for recommendations on quality pet insurance. From here, call the insurance company and make sure they will allow your pet to visit that office.

Reviewing Plans…

When it comes to dog medical insurance, remember that all insurance companies are not created equal, so spend time researching which one is right for you and your dog. You will want to carefully consider the type of coverage each insurance policy provides. Although some policies may be cheaper than others, this is because some pet insurance companies only offer coverage for basic services, like routine exams and medication, but will not cover major surgeries. Others will cover surgeries or major medical conditions but with a high deductible or with a huge co-pay.

It is best to decide on a veterinarian that has affordable rates first. Then determine the amount of dog medical insurance you will need for your pet. From here you should contact several insurance companies for quotes and then you can decide which is the most affordable for your pets needs. This may mean sitting down to review several different pet insurance policies.

Breed of Dog…

You will also want to spend some time considering the breed of dog you own before settling on pet health insurance for your dog. Some dog breeds are by nature healthier than others, but almost all dog breeds are prone to some type of injury or illness. Taking into consideration future health issues can help you to determine the price range of insurance coverage you will need.