A dirt bike handguard is vital for the extra protection it provides to the dirt bike riders. Dirt bikes have comparatively less engine power and are meant to run on rough and rugged terrains.

Leading manufacturers of dirt bikes like Honda, Suzuki, Husqvarna, KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha and others have specially designed handguard systems for extra safety and grip. Dirt bikes are meant to run in competitions and therefore an added handguard is a must criterion of this mechanism.

The best hand guards for dirt bikes

The Enduro engineering handguard is the strongest, the fittest and the most attractive looking handguard in the market. Enduro handguard comes in two anodized colors of silver and black. Moreover, these handguards have clamps to successfully fit themselves in standard and oversized bars. For any off road motorcycle or ATV, these handguards serve to give the best.

You will generally come to see a handguard in four different clamp styles. These handguard varieties are aptly suited to 7/8 inch bars, for Pro-Taper 1 1/8 inch bar, Renthal 1 1/8 inch bars and Magura/TAG 1 1/8 inch bars.

It is very simple to install an Enduro Engineering handguard. Apart from the fact that they are quite pleasing to look at, this particular brand of handguard can surely stand the test of severe and relentless dust and abrasion. Most of these handguards have plastic or metal covering which can be easily replaced.

Now let us talk about the Moose Competition Handguard Protectors. These are flexible compounds, which cannot crack or shatter so easily. This particular handguard protector is available in aerodynamic and stylish design and provides utmost protection to your hands while on the ride.

They act as shields from brush, roost and elements. This particular handguard variety can be firmly installed to the bike. The handguards come in both large and standard sizes and are sold in pairs.

The dual black handguard is now becoming the most popular style. This handguard has a plastic mounting kit, which prevents it from interfering with the lever assembly.

Just take notice that the mounting kit is made of plastic. This provides immense elasticity to the mechanism and thus the handguard is able to bend and come back to shape again as required.

The next comes the Rally Brand Handguard. These handguards have original nylon wrapping. And are perfectly suited to overweight rides. The handguard comes with superior coverage and impact resistance.

They have inner ribs for an enhanced reinforcement. For outsized handlebars, there are optional spoilers, which are generally sold separately. This particular handguard variety is usually equipped with mounting kit to fit well within 7/8 inch steel and 7/8 inch aluminum handlebars.

A standard handguard is also available in PowerMadd modular design. Such handguards require more control lever and hand protection than wimpy plastic shields, which are generally offered.

This particular form of mounting hardware is aptly curved to provide cable and brake hose clearance and offers a number of mounting positions to fit well with any motorcycle and ATV.

A handguard is extremely essential when it comes to dirt bikes. You can kick off the dirt if you have proper handguards to grip the bike tight.