On this beautiful planet, no gift can be more romantic than the gift of an astonishing diamond. It is believed that a diamond empowers the wearer with courage and strength, brings victory and good fortune, avoids evil, protects against the diseases, and promotes constancy in a marriage.
Diamond is the ultimate gemstone. Diamond studded rings are symbolic of true love and romance. It represents a new beginning and a future which is filled with new hopes and dreams. To demonstrate your love there is no better way than a diamond ring. And traditionally, diamond rings have long been the token of commitment and are given as engagement present to brides-to-be. In the American and European tradition, an engagement ring is worn by a woman on the ring finger of her left hand. This placement of a diamond engagement ring indicates that she is engaged to be married.
For centuries, diamond engagement rings have become larger, more elaborate, and have included a wide variety of other jewels and metals. The settings of these rings can be made of silver, platinum, white or yellow gold or a mixture of these elements.
These rings also come in various shapes, sizes and prices ranges. The size is not necessarily the key but the thing it makes famous and recognizable is the lady associated with it.

Besides that, the search for a diamond engagement ring setting is most crucial and exciting. You will have many designs and types of diamonds to choose from such as princess cut, brilliant cut, and pear shape, among others. For excellent setting of ring, an antique diamond ring has to definitely be shopped with the four c’s of diamonds: carat, clarity, cut, and color. These factors are critical to diamond rings final beauty. In order to get right diamond engagement rings setting that you will love forever. Then, you should carefully look the diamond shape, the diamond size or carat weight, the metal from which the ring and setting is made, and size of the ring. These factor matter a lot while selecting a diamond engagement ring.

But now, internet-based jewelry stores have really changed the trend of the jewelry business and providing more choice and more price transparency, which is always a good thing for consumers. And according to your budget, you can make choices among the large range of these rings. On the other hand, Web jewelry sales have also opened up whole new doors to consumers. And now you can make your choice on-line and can place your order by just clicking your mouse and you will get your jewelry within two or three day at your doorstep.
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