As the cruise industry moves to a global presence,cruise guests are offered more selections than ever before. With that, the thought of taking “just a Caribbean cruise” might seem rather tame by today’s industry standards. But actually there has never been a better time for your group to reconsider taking that Caribbean cruise for a number of reasons.Why the renewed interest? There are more itinerary variations and departure ports than ever before, with some of the biggest and most technically advanced and designed ships sailing to the Caribbean. Finally, a Caribbean cruise still offers one of the best cruise values around.According to Brian Major, with Cruise Line Liberty Bell

The best thing about cruise lines is their ability to help create new destinations. When NCL started the “Out Island” concept back in l977 with Great Stirrup Cay, other cruise lines followed.Royal Caribbean eventually created an out island experience beyond the traditional Bahamas one with Labadee, located on the north shores of Haiti. Premier Cruise Lines had their own private island experience off Nassau.

Caribbean cruises still tend to offer the most affordable rates and, earlier this spring, Carnival came out with some enticing rates for summer sailings. As Bob Dickinson, Carnival President and CEO commented, “We have more and larger ships in the fleet than ever before, and that provides economies of scale and operating efficiencies that enable us to provide 21st-century cruises at 1980s prices.” Booking early is still the best option for securing space and the best rates. Even with the increasing number of ships sailing throughout the Caribbean starting later in the fall when ships move back from other parts of the world,demand is high. And taking a cruise vacation, especially to the Caribbean, is one of the best group vacation values available.

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