Criminal background checks are now being considered in Texas for the elderly or disabled moving into nursing homes. They are very frequently considered to be very defenseless against abuse. It was years ago that lawmakers in Texas approved legislation which would require criminal background checks for those applying to nursing homes or home nursing agencies.

Unfortunately, the law in Texas for criminal background checks did not go so far.

A bill is up for proposal by Sen. Jane Nelson concerning the law for criminal background checks in nursing homes and home health agencies. This would add thirteen felonies to criminal conviction on the list for criminal convictions that are evaluated before an employee is hired. The new bill being proposed in a legislative session would include evaluation by means of background checks for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home and community service agencies and care for the mentally retarded. The screening for employment, according to the Austin American-Statesmen, includes excluding histories of arson, robbery, homicide, kidnapping and indecency with a child.

Jane Nelson believes that caregivers not only be screened in Texas, however should be performed in all states. The bill she has proposed would add different offences to the list of screening by background checks such as cruelty to animals, money laundering, aggravated sexual assault and terroristic threat.