Criminal backgrounds are now being executed to better assess who will be permitted for consideration of on-campus housing at the University of Akron, this semester.

The director of Residence Life and Housing at the University of Akron, through an email interview, had determined, from the applications of individuals, that forty of them had affirmed, “yes,” which is representative of a criminal history or record.

Although, most of the criminal histories were mostly petty offences, such as traffic citations and underage consumption; The conclusion was to meet with the students to discuss their offences and determine their eligibility for on-campus housing.

Criminal background checks, may better the housing of students by excluding those with criminal backgrounds. After a story written in the Akron Beacon Journal, it was found that four felons were living in the housing units in the UA. They were living with students who around the age of eighteen.

The background checks are to be performed upon students who apply for on-campus housing. However, Kent State University is one of those to inquire about criminal histories on the admission application, says the director of Residence Services at Kent State.

Yet, some undergraduate applicants may not be required to present a criminal background check, as they might not have filled out the admissions application.

John Messina, the director of Residence Life and Housing at the University of Akron, states the University is one of the first in Ohio to require part-time, full-time and staff working with students to have background checks.