Cricket is the most talked about sporting event these days and the reason behind this is the fact that the Cricket World Cup 2007 will start in a few days. Fans, players, coaches, trainers and officials are all gearing up to give their best during this tournament which will last for about 2 months. By the end of these two months, the world will come to know which team is the best in the world. Cricket World Cup 2007 is that cricketing extravaganza which all cricketing fans, players and officials look forward to.

To know information about all the events related to the game, you can make use of different sources. The most important source for you to access is the online websites that are especially dedicated to the game. Fans can find all that they want to know among many other things in these sites. Cricket world cup is in fact the biggest show in the world of cricket and this is another reason why fans are very eager and enthusiastic. This time the event is being hosted by the West Indies.

In the Cricket World Cup 2007, this time all the test playing nations along with some other minnow teams are participating in the tournament. There has been a lot of talk going on regarding the participation of these teams. Some former and current players have gone to the extent of saying that since these teams are weak; they should not be participating in such a prestigious event. However the bottom line remains that if these teams re not provided with the chance to play against stronger team, there is no other way through which they can prove their potential in the cricket world.

Cricketers like any other player dream of representing their team at the highest levels. And the highest level in cricket is the cricket world cup. Being part of a world cup team of a country is not as easy task. First, the player must prove his from over a considerable period of time; it is not that performing well in some matches will ensure that he will be selected for the team to represent the country in the world cup. Also when a team has many talented players, it becomes extremely difficult for a player to secure his place in the world cup team. Cricket world cup 2007 has many players who are the masters of their area and this is one reason why fans will be treated to wonderful matches.

It is the habit of fans to speculate about who the winner will be about any sporting event and cricket world cup 2007 is no different from any other sport in this regard. Most cricketing pundits believe that Australia is the most well balanced side to win this world cup. However, the recent slumps in their performance levels have raised serious doubts about the levels of their efficiency. Now the field seems to be wide open and nay team that perms well can go on to win the Cricket World Cup 2007.