Records cease to stand once they are broken by some other similarly talented; less talented or more talented individual who is involved with that game. Talks about making and breaking records have always dominated any kind of sport and cricket is no exception to this. It is only that cricket records differ vastly then all the other records. In other words, each game has its own set of unique records and achievements attained by players. Cricket records like any other record motivate a player to give his best and stamp his authority over a certain discipline. Well which player does not like to make new cricket records or break the old ones? However all of us are aware of the fact that not just anybody can break cricket records, a player needs to be extraordinarily talented to make even an attempt at breaking the world records.

Among the different cricket records, the one record which most players want to achieve during their playing career is that perfect batting average of 100. Even the greatest batsman of the world Don Bradman of Australia failed to achieve that. In the last match of his career, Bradman needed to score just 4 runs to achieve that perfect batting average of 100, but destiny had other plans for him and he could not get that. He was out for a duck and missed that record by a whisker. So this is another reason why many players aim to achieve this cricket record. However this can be quite a difficult task. After all even the best player in the world could not do it. However in the near future we may find that some player has achieved this cricket record, along with some other cricket records.

There are many players who claim that records do not matter at all for them. This seems to be the typical case of Sour Grapes and the just because these players can never imagine to achieve that which legends have achieved, they say so. Come on, how many players are there in the cricket world, would not like to have certain cricket records in their names. Given a chance all of them would like to take a shot at aiming to break certain cricket records. Currently Sachin Tendulkar holds the record of scoring the maximum number of centuries in both one day internationals and test matches as well. He also holds the record for scoring the maximum number of runs in one day internationals and he is still actively playing the game. Breaking these cricket records is really a tall task and chances are that fans will have to wait a long time to see someone break these cricket records.

Cricket fans that are more statistically inclined are always on the lookout for source through which they can come to know about the cricket records. Newspapers, cricket magazines, news channels and cricket dedicated websites are the different sources through which one can come to know all that they want about cricket records. One just needs to choose the medium properly to know about the different things associated with the game.