Well if you have not heard of cosmic ordering before, you really must have been away on another planet. Celebrities have been jumping on the cosmic ordering bandwagon, writing books, having interviews and in some cases attributing some of their success to it.

So for Martians and other less out of the world people who may not yet have heard about cosmic ordering, I thought I would write this little article to give you a run-down on what all the cosmic fuss is about.

In 1998 a German author called Barbel Mohr published a book called “Bestellungen beim Universum” which was later re-published in English and called “The Cosmic Ordering Service”. Based on her experiences of positive thinking and manifestation techniques the book became a runaway success and “cosmic ordering” was born. Since then, many other books have been published, describing various celebrities’ successes with cosmic ordering and providing further cosmic advice. The media too has extensively covered it. Noel Edmonds brought it a great deal of publicity in 2006 when he attributed much of his recent success to cosmic ordering.

So what exactly is cosmic ordering? Well, put simply, it is a technique that uses your personal or spiritual connection to the universe to manifest whatever you want. It is not wishing; wishing implies a hope for something. With cosmic ordering, you place your order and you expect a delivery, sometimes by a specific date. It is not a cognitive, intellectual exercise; it works best whilst maintaining a pure, childlike and innocent feeling and the more crazy and playful the method of requesting the more successful it is.

The actual nature of what the “cosmic connection” is and what the precise definition of the universe is in this context is somewhat unclear and not in my view, really understood, though there are plenty of theories. When Barbel Mohr was asked who received and delivered the cosmic orders, she explained that her belief was that the orders were placed with oneself, that at a fundamental level everything in the universe is connected and we can manifest what we want using our cosmic energy through what she calls the “unified field”. Her theory is finding some things in common with leading edge research in quantum physics.

The important thing to note is that many spiritual commentators recommend it. Many, who have tried it, swear by it. Cosmic ordering works and that is all that really matters. If you want to learn more about comic ordering or try it for yourself, there are many books to choose from or you can even go online and place your own Cosmic Orders there.

Why not start with something simple? Order something small like a car parking space and just see how it goes. Remember, have fun, be confident, place your order and then just let it go. Leave the universe to bring you your delivery in the best possible way at the perfect moment.