Connecting to Crystal Energies through the Major Chakra System

Start outside, seated on the ground, standing barefoot or laying down. Whatever is the most comfortable way to be physically connected to the Earth. First we take 15 or 20 minutes to go through each of our chakras (print and use my Chakra Page as a guide if needed) visualizng the colors and locations of each. Start at the Base Chakra and move up vocally activating each one with its resonant tone once you have the color and location in your mind. Go through slowly until you are easily sensing your chakra points.
The next step is to focus on connecting through our Base Chakra to the Earth Star Chakra (Visualize the energy cord about 6 inches below your feet) this is the point of entry for energies from the Earth to our own. Then focus on connecting to the Soul Star Chakra (about 6 inches above the top of your head) through the Crown Chakra, this is the point of entry for our connection with Spirit. Keep focus on maintaining the same energy through your other Chakras as you do this, we are not draining energy from one to give to another-we are connecting to even greater energy. Our goal is to feel an unbroken, steady, circular flow of energy from deep within the Earth through all of our chakras up to Spirit and back. Once you are comfortably feeling your own energies and your chakras are pulsing we will move on to connecting with a crystals energies. If you are having difficulties try using clear quartz as you go through each chakra, it will amplify the energy making it easier to sense. Garnet is also useful in this meditation as it connects the base chakra to the crown chakra.
Pick a stone that you are naturally attracted to because its a sign you are already sensing its vibrational energy. Do not be discouraged if you dont feel natural at first. Crystal energy is just as powerful as energy from living things but it is on a different spectrum of the Light energy that flows through everything. Just keep practicing and soon it will be just as natural to connect to purely vibrational energy as it is to connect to living energy. Once you have your crystal hold it for as long as it takes to feel its energy with your hands. Then lay down and take turns placing the crystal on each chakra. If you feel any strong reactions remove the crystal and reactivate the chakra (with vocal tones or clear quartz and the techniques from the beginning of the meditation) until you are able to simply observe the energy of the stone and how it affects your own chakra energy. Our goal is to become intimately familiar with the crystals energy and how that energy feels to us.
Once the familiarity has occurred the last part of the exercise is to practice using sense memory and chakra connections to access the crystals energy without having the physical form of the crystal available. It is not as difficult as it may seem to you as you read this. Consider when you are experiencing a traumatic event. Is it difficult to spiritually reach out to your favorite source of support? This is that same action and once you have mastered it it will be just as beneficial. Crystal energy is just another one of the Earths wonderful support systems for life on this planet. It is sadly underused but nonetheless vital to our well-being. Enjoy this exercise and feel free to contact me with questions or for guidance.