Cats are as common as dogs, but somehow there are a lot of people who dislike cats more than they do dogs, but when asked why, their reply would be, oh, I just hate them, no particular reason. Why is it that some people dislike cats? Are they misinformed? Do they have misconceptions about the furry felines? Given a chance to change their opinions on cats, it is certain that they will find these animals just enjoyable as dogs as pets.

Since cats and dogs are the most common house pets, they are frequently compared and judged. Through these constant comparisons, misconceptions about cats are formed, and people will realize some not-so-attractive qualities about cats. But a cat shouldnt be compared with a dog, as a dog is an affectionate animal, and requires constant love and attention, whereas a cat has a more independent character. That would be appealing to some people who prefer a pet which isnt so demanding.

Let us now rid ourselves of the misconceptions we might have towards cats. Here are two examples which you may find familiar.

“Cats are cold towards people and have no personality.”

Yes, compared to dogs, cats are a lot less affectionate. They do not run to you with wagging tails when you come home from work to greet you, and in fact, they may even seem indifferent towards you. Therefore cats are misunderstood as being cold and would not make a great pet. But cats are very loving creatures; it is just that they have selected moments when they want to be affectionate, and it is not all the time that they want to be friendly.

Dont misunderstand your cats rubbing and nestling up your leg as a sign that its hungry and wants food or treats. Just because they are not as affectionate as dogs does not mean that they do not appreciate some warmth and affection from their masters. Cats are more quiet creatures, and they rather chill on your lap, table areas or smuggle up next to you when they want to get some rest.

“Cats are able to handle themselves and do not need human contact”

Here is another false impression about cats which is not totally true. There may be more stray cats than dogs in your neighborhood, but it does not mean that your pet cat since birth will want to wander into the real world and take care of itself

Cats are easy to maintain, and they take care of themselves well, as we all already know. A cat, however, if well taken care of with a lot of love will be affectionate towards its master, and will want some contact with them. These are probably the most appreciated qualities about cats- low maintenance, compared to any other pets out there.