The cost of Lasik surgery can vary wildly depending on where you have the procedure, and Colorado Lasik vision correction is subject to the same market forces as everywhere else. Youd think that a surgery like Lasik, one thats done so often and on so many people, would run pretty much the same price no matter where you go. But there are a lot of variables – how expert the doctor is wholl perform the procedure, for example, and what sort of a facility you go to for your Lasik procedure. The eye centers at hospitals use a different fee structure than a private practice doctor, for example, and private physicians have different levels of overhead costs, which drive the prices they charge patients. Feesd are also based on your prescription, too – the more work that the doctor needs to do to correct your vision, the more it may cost.

Taking a look at Colorado lasik vision correction, for instance, youll find that fees vary from a low of about $5 per eye to over $2,5. Thats huge range of fees, isnt it? The good news is that the price usually includes all of your pre-surgery and post-surgery care, including office visits. Often, the cost of the procedure is driven by the amount of money that the individual doctors office has invested in the equipment to perform the surgery. New techniques like Wavefront Lasik creates a three-dimensional computerized “map” of the surface of your eye, and the procedure is far more precise than previous methods of laser corrective surgery.

This equipment is pricey – over $1, – and the physician also pays a fee of around $2 to the manufacturer each time they use the equipment, much like musicians pay a royalty fee when they use someone elses songs. Whether the eye doctor is in Denver – where rents for office space are quite high compared to other cities in Colorado – or in a less metropolitan area, if you add in the cost of gowns, masks and other accoutrements plus overhead like rent on the office and utilities, insurance and salaries for staff, and you can not only see why the procedure is expensive, but why the price varies from eye doctor to eye doctor.

As with medical procedure, you should research different eye doctors and clinics for both their cost and their reputation, ask for referrals, and base your decision on a combination of factors. Dont automatically go for the least expensive Lasik surgeon in the Colorado White Pages – these are your eyes, after all, and you dont want to cut corners. But dont assume that the most expensive eye clinic is the best, either. Look for a doctor with plenty of up-to-date training, excellent patient references, and a price that doesnt break the bank for colorado lasik vision correction.