I was looking into some information about clickbank affiliate program protection. I didn’t realize that being an affiliate that i had to worry about anything like stealing of my affiliate commissions that i was earning through clickbank. I had noticed a drop in sales, but didn’t understand why i wasn’t recieving commissions for sales that i was getting.

I came to find out that the users that where visitng my links probably had spyware or a cookie stuffer application that was changing my cb links. I got a free download of Microsoft’s Anti-Spyware and now i actually reccommend it to my customers also to make sure that they are protected. It is not only to make sure that they are protected, but so i can also see a return when they go to purchase my products.

I have also been noticing an improvement since i started using a new tool called SafeClick IMS. It is pretty easy to use, but i am not to sure if that is the reason that i am seeing an improvement i am pretty new to the program (2 months). I know it works well masking links and there are plenty of programs out there that offer this kind of affiliate program protection.

The website is http://safeclick.internetmoneystreams.com
Microsoft Antispyware is located here: http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/spyware/software/default.mspx