The computer is a great means of accessing whatever information needed through the internet. When a person surfs the internet, the URLs of all the visited sites are stored in a cache folder. Though it is possible to clear the history of sites visited by clearing the browser history, it is only with the help of good internet eraser software that it is possible to completely get rid of these files.

This is because all visited sites and personal information you reveal on the internet is stored in a hidden file. Moreover, by clearing the browser history of the computer, it only makes these deleted URLs end up in some hidden files of the computer. It is only with the help of an internet eraser software program that it is possible to erase all encrypted information found in the computer.

There is basically not much required or needed for a person to install an internet eraser in the computer. In fact, it is important for the person who has a habit of surfing the internet regularly to have an internet eraser software installed in the computer. There are many sites on the internet that offer internet eraser software programs to be installed in your computer. You just have to visit these sites, download the internet eraser software in the computer and the software gets to work immediately.

The importance of an internet eraser software lies in the fact that when you browse the internet, you may come across unwanted or wrong information. Sometimes, you may also be wrongly accused of something because of the presence of this illicit or illegal information in your computer. This is why it is better to have an internet eraser software installed in the computer as it immediately rids the computer of any unwanted and illegal information.

It is not necessary for you to have all the URLs you visit erased with the internet eraser software. Most internet eraser software come with the provision of deleting each IE address one at a time. There may be some URLs that are used the most and should be left in the computer to save you time of retyping the URL when using them. So with the help of an internet eraser software program, it is possible to erase unwanted and dangerous URLs individually.

One of the main reasons you have to have an internet eraser software installed is so that there is no identity theft. There are many identity thieves on the internet who gain access to your personal information and use it without your information to commit fraud and theft. They can use this personal information to gain access to companies and banks managed by you, and use whatever funds and information found here wrongly.

With an internet eraser software installed the speed of the computer is greatly increased. This is because the internet eraser software program erases unwanted files and folders from the computer with which it is possible to recover lots of valuable hard disk space from the computer to be used in any other applications.