There are many types of music that people enjoy listening to, for inspiration or simply for their own listening pleasure, but few musical genres espouse positive messages as much as Christian Music and the artists that create it.

Many people that aren’t familiar with this genre may assume that Christian Music is primarily made up of hymns, gospel, church songs for kids, and other types of music that you would commonly hear in a church, sung by a choir. On the other hand, fans of this genre know that it encompasses much more.

Some of the most famous in this genre are P.O.D., MxPx, Kutless, Switchfoot, Toby Mac, As I Lay Dying, Underoath, Stryper (from the 1980’s), and Evanescence – although, Evanescence has moved away from their religious roots since they’ve tasted big time success. Evanescence’s divergence from faith just helps to illustrate the challenges the Christian rock stars have to face, making P.O.D’s unwavering path to success and their inspirational message even more amazing. Other bands like Creed may contain Christian recording artists, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a Christian rock group.

Unlike Stryper, who used to toss Bibles out to fans during their onstage performances, Christian artists are more careful about being outwardly religious today. This stems from the fear that they may alienate some fans if they’re “too religious.” However, this is not to say that groups like P.O.D, MxPx, or As I Lay Dying shy away from their faith. These groups embrace their faith through their positive lyrics and their lifestyles, but they also make sure not to “push” their faith on anyone – this way no one feels alone.

Since Christian Music is always reaching out to its fans, it’s not surprising that fans also feel more comfortable with their religion. Thanks to major Christian bands as well as the music that many enjoy in their home or church, artists of this genre help promote a positive message that is inspirational to everyone.

Article written by Doug G.

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