You want to be wealthy and have unlimited income. You also have a dozen different books from famous authors sitting on your bookshelf collecting dust and you are still not rich. This means that either every one of those “get rich” authors were scammers or you have a shortcoming that is holding you back from achieving infinite wealth.

As I write, I am going to give you methods to increase your income as well as methods that will help you change habits that may be holding you back. So lets start with some of the wealth demons that could be keeping you from getting rich. Here are the big players; 1. Fear 2. Indecision 3. Laziness 4. Bad Patterns 5. Arrogance 6. Disappointment

Wealth Demon One: FEAR

Playing it safe has screwed more people out of their dreams than any other factor I can think of. I have seen people with no talent that bring nothing outstanding to the table excel and make a big name for themselves through nothing more than sheer guts. They just have no fear of rejection, failure, success or in other words they just keep on coming like a determined dog after a bone. When you want something so bad that all obstacles are merely interesting puzzles to be figured out and not mountains of woe, you are on your way.

Chances must be taken because fortune favors the bold. People that play it safe are the mainstream of society. This is the way things run from day to day. People wake up, go to work, pay the bills, and the machine of society keeps on churning in a predictable and easy to manage way. Most people like it that way. For the rich and those that are about to become very wealthy, the right chances taken every day are exciting and can be very rewarding. When you feel fear, you are in the right territory. Fear keeps the mainstream middle class society in their place and leaves the loot for you and I to enjoy. Leading us into the next point, remember that fortune favors the bold, not the stupid. There is a big difference.


Stocks are going to crash, the real estate bubble is about to burst and your mattress is the only safe place to keep your money. Unless your house starts on fire, so you better bury some money in the back yard too. The puppet master demon will keep you chasing your tail with doubts. These doubts will keep you from committing to any particular stream of income opportunity. Diversification is fine if you have enough resources to allot a fair amount to each, but it you never take the chance of putting a large amount of your eggs into a central money investment you will never get the big payoffs. Better yet, lets move onto point number three. That’s laziness and if you stop being lazy, you can learn how to invest without using much of your own money at all.


Getting rich and making a ton of cash isn’t really that hard. Its not hard once you learn a bit about how it all really works. Guess what though? You cant learn the system if you don’t get off your butt and do some learning. Shut off the T.V., get off the couch and go to the library. Find the books you need to learn the system of wealth and money. Find the book that answers the questions about money that have you stuck where you are now. Beating laziness becomes easy once passion bites you. Once you get a sniff of what is possible, Sloth wont have a chance.

If you don’t know where to start, then start general. Pick up a title that looks interesting and while you are reading that book, see where you get stumped. Is it the part about no cash down mortgages or is it the part about no load mutual funds? Wherever you are short on the I.Q. of wealth and money, get proactive and get the ammo you need for your upcoming battle.

Next time we will talk about the demon of PATTERN and some of his friends.