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When you’re starting out, the important thing to focus on throughout your yoga practice is the balance between mind and body. You want to perform poses to the best of your ability, without stress or strain, and to remember to breathe. Your flexibility and the length you can take positions will increase over time.

As you possess a yoga pose for an extended period of time, it can be tempting to let your mind wander and eliminate your focus, and you are no longer actively involved in the pose. If you aren’t feeling anything in your muscles, find a way to work deeper in to the pose by bending […]

Must I stop smoking if I practice yoga?

When you practice yoga exercise, you are NOT REQUIRED to stop smoking. But, in all fairness I want to mention that after you begin your practice, you might find you do not want to keep smoking. Yoga stresses proper inhaling and exhaling and can improve your oxygen capacity. You might see the benefits and improvement […]

An apprenticeship is a valuable part of yoga instructor schooling and is a requirement in some certification programs. Here’s how it generally works: -The trainee instructor attends a series of classes taught by their mentor instructor. -The trainee starts by leading the course in the first short while of warming-up poses, and then the standard […]

There are both differences and similarities between Yoga exercise and Pilates. The largest difference is definitely that Pilates uses a line of equipment that does not exist in yoga. However the theory of mind-body connection is present in both Yoga exercises and Pilates. In addition they share a fluidity of movement.

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