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What about buying used pieces?

Don’t discount buying used equipment. There’s money savings to be had here but just to be sure to inspect the piece thoroughly. If you’re not that familiar with the piece take someone with you who is familiar so they can inspect it on your behalf. A good place to look for a bargain is farm […]

Am I safe?

Shop safety begins with you. Daily practices and habits – from turning on the lights to shutting them off – will help keep the shop safe. Shop safety includes everything from the type of clothes you wear to removing trip hazards. Safety is an on going endeavor that you must be thinking about always. Take […]

What other ways can I save space ?

If you have the space to spare, a wood shop loft may be just the thing for you. It can add twice the area in the same area. And is great for storage of extra tools or materials. A few tips on building a loft: Be sure to use heavy supports to handle the load. […]

Woodworking crafts have been popular for a long time, now it seems easier than ever to get started. There are craft kits that have everything you need and are available on the Internet, in magazines and in books. Woodworking plans feature projects on wooden baskets, candle crafts and peanut dispensers. If you have ever attended […]

Thousands of people have taken their favorite pastime and turned it into a lucrative full time or second income. If you’re considering taking this path and turning your woodworking hobby right into a full time business, consider these points: Your skills as a woodworker must be up to the task. Doing second rate work will […]

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