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Wireless Stereo Tips

What are wireless stereo speakers? Wireless stereo speakers are speakers which play from a computer or wireless stereo system without being hooked up via wires. You can also purchase devices which let you browse your computer music library and play the music on a wireless home audio system. How does a wireless stereo system work? […]

Wireless Security Tips

What is the minimum I should do to ensure wireless network security? There are several basic steps that everyone should do to help ensure wireless network security. When configuring your network, change the default names on the computers and set the SSID not to broadcast. Use wired equivalent privacy (WEP) encryption at a minimum. Change […]

Wireless Router Tips

What should I look for when buying a wireless router? There are a wide variety of wireless routers on the market today. The features you need will depend on the extent of your network. In general it is good to look for one that has a built in firewall for security, decent speed and the […]

Wireless Printer Tips

What is the benefit of having a wireless network printer? Having a wireless network printer has several benefits. There is the obvious benefit of not needing wires to connect to the printer. While it is possible to share a printer via a network connection, having a radio printer connection adds flexibility to the network. In […]

Wireless Network Tips

I have put new batteries in my wireless mouse and the lights are on however, it still does not work. I also have a wireless keyboard that I have not checked would that make the mouse not work? Wireless devices come with a USB adapter that plugs into a USB port on your pc. On […]

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