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Wireless Wire Management Tips

How can I protect my privacy while using a wireless Internet connection? When setting up a wireless server at home, do not be hasty in your installation. Always make sure you are properly protecting your signal and your information. Otherwise, people can hijack your bandwidth and/or invade your privacy. To combat this, always change the […]

Wire Safety Tips

How can I improve fire safety? If you need to fill a large and/or irregular shaped opening with fire sealant, open fire barrier foam might be the fireplace protection solution. This is a fire sealant that consists of two parts that foam up when mixed. The foam then expands to fill the starting with an […]

Wire Raceways and Wire Ducts Tips

What are the three types of cable raceways? According to Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a regulating agency for cable management products, there are three different types of cable raceways — plenum, risers and general purpose. It is helpful to know the differences between them when shopping for wire management products. A raceway marked “plenum” is for […]

Wire Labels Tips

What does a label dispenser do? When labeling wire, the target is to achieve wire markers that are durable and legible. A nightmare would be wire markers that tangle up, unwind and fall off. Label dispensers will help you reach your wire marking goals and avoid headache situations. Here’s how two dispensers work, thanks to […]

Wire Installation Tools Tips

How can I protect cables? If you have to run your wires through small opening or around sharp curves, or simply want to protect your cables when exiting openings with rough edges, small rubber grommets come in all sizes to fit your application perfectly. Cable grommets are ideal for running large amounts of wire through […]

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