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Youre stuck in a rut. You want to make changes, be more successful, loose weight, learn a new skill, kick a bad habit, get a promotion or a even a new job… …But every time you try to make the changes you so desperately want, something seems to hold you back. You try to start […]

Let me ask you another question What is the shortest distance between two points? This isnt a trick, the answers very simple yes its one that you were taught at school …A straight line !! So what does this have to do with you achieving your dreams in the shortest possible time, before they fade […]

Make Money From Fellow Uni Students

Are you currently enrolled in University, but also looking for ways to make extra money? There are many untapped business opportunities available to you, but some are going to be much easier than others. One such money making business that you may consider involves typing the class notes belonging to good students for a small […]

Iran announces that they have cloned their first sheep thereby shocking the worlds preconceived notions that Iran is a fundamentalist and 3rd world nation. Today they have shown that they are as technologically and politically as savvy as the rest of the Industrial countries. Iran wants to become a regional center for medical, aerospace and […]

How to make a man?

When an oscar winner Mel Gibson was stopped by the police in Malibu and was told that he’s being arrested for drunk driving, he became infuriated and started uncontrollably swearing and insulting the men in blue. The media quickly grabbed this news insinuating that he has major drinking problem, but only until they found out […]

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