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When you first set up a website in the World Wide Web, you may stick to something simple. A beginning website resembles a glossy brochure for your company or expertise. It details your mission, your company history, personnel contact information, and some basic services. This is great for some smaller businesses. In fact in Denver, […]

You have a great product. You also have a great company image and marketing model. Now it is time to implement all your plans and bring together a website. You know very little about websites. Finding websites that have failed is easier than shooting fish in a barrel. Many people come into the internet business […]

Read through the hundreds of forums and bulletin boards on the internet and you will find dozens of threads centering on the lack of web site traffic. All the other remaining threads bemoan the difficulty of getting visitors to return long enough to buy something. Then there are the threads about the complexity of getting […]

Building and creating a website is a nightmarish task especially if you don’t have the slightest idea on what you are suppose to do. Staring on an empty screen and waiting for some creative ideas to pop up can be quite frustrating and disappointing especially if nothing really comes to mind. But why over exert […]

The Web Developers Field Guide to Outsourcing By Peter Ferrigan [] ———————— What is Outsourcing? ———————— Whenever you hire someone or a group of people that are outside of your business to handle business functions. This can include, auditing, payroll data entry and work in Information Technology. Outsourcing is essentially hiring a contract employee for […]

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