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Choosing to make a web site is a very big decision. However, even more important than deciding to make the website itself, is choosing your web host. There are many web hosts out there, and so it is very difficult to find the web host that’s right for you. In order to find the best […]

To get on the fast track to success one needs to: * Create a website that is dynamic and distinctive. The website name should match the domain name. Bad or broken links must not exist. JavaScript errors must be eliminated. The company’s profile should be clear, concise, and complete. Secure ordering must be in place […]

As we started the project of our web site, we knew that the proprietary software costs would be too high for our financial resources. Our only option then was to make use of Open Source Code softwares. However, within the Open Source Code there are lots of softwares to choose from, and itiĀ½s up to […]

When you decide to take your business to the internet, you need to know some basics. First, you select a name for your site that is catchy and descriptive of your service or product line. Avoid picking a name that does not include a description of what someone would find at the site. One or […]

The backgroundEnterprises worldwide have embraced ‘Web services’ as the preferred middleware technology for integrating their Web-enabled, e-business applications. Hundreds of Web service sites offer very useful services that provide essential components for running B2B or B2C e-business applications. Many enterprises outsource items ranging from security services for their plants and offices to outsource packing and […]

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