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The great wall of China tourist attractions The Great Wall is the treasure of Chinese civilization, it is one of the world’s cultural heritage it is the miracle of human being. The Great Wall makes us feel the greatness of our country ‚ In the distantly two thousand years ago, The working people built the […]

Old Town of China Li jiang Old Town of Li jiang is full of ancient cultural atmosphere, we can get a lot of excellent cultural knowledge The old town of Li jiang has a colorful local customs and recreational activities ,The Chinese government put it as a national historical and cultural city, it identifies the […]

Finding Florida vacation rentals that will spaciously accommodate groups and families is much easier than one might expect. In a place like orlando, one will find a number of options with regard to renting a villa or vacation home as opposed to a hotel or motel room. Due to the fact that hotel rooms can […]

While the mention of scuba diving generally brings to mind the image of some exotic tropical dive locale, the United Kingdom has a number of exciting dive spots just waiting to be explored by divers like you. If you have no issues with cold water diving, the following destinations will leave you breathless. Or something […]

Berlin, quite surprisingly, has more water surfaces and bridges (650 approx) than Venice, Amsterdam and Stockholm put together! This beautiful capital city and heartbeat of Germany, Berlin is a fascinating place year round with a vast array of attractions to entice all visitors to it again and again especially in the Winter months when its […]

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